Rainforest Train

A short interpretative train ride in open carriages through primeval rain forest.

Completed in December 2002, The Nile River Rainforest Train recreated a bygone era where bush trams once prevailed. The Train provides visitors with a fantastic way to experience the spectacular landscapes of the Nile River Canyon in the South Island’s Paparoa National Park.

Rainforest Train

Depart from the festival station at the entry to the water sculptured limestone Nile River Canyon. Enjoy the landscape and interpret the environment as the train meanders its way through the rainforest beside the Nile River.

Pass through many of the film sites for the BBC’s “The Lost World” production and imagine the pioneers at work in the canyon.

Rainforest Train

Arrive at “Softrock Station”, nestled beneath the towering limestone buffs. Take a short walk from the station through the rainforest to the Nile River Suspension Bridge before your return journey to the festival station.


Trips depart daily and are timed in conjunction with the scheduled Caving Adventures. Departure and return times may vary accordingly.

NZD$25 per adult, $20 per child (16 Years old and under)